Immeasurably More

On Sunday afternoon, I drove Sydney back to school in Waco. Dropping her off always brings back a bit of nostalgia for me, thinking of my time at Baylor and generations of people before me who walked the same campus I did and she does now. We had spent the weekend attending the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game and I was reminded that those young men on the football field, with all the excitement surrounding them, were all born AFTER I left Baylor.

It was dark as I headed back up I35 to Dallas and I decided to catch up on my podcasts. One of my favorites from my years at Baylor is Louie Giglio, currently pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta. In my days at Baylor he led a campus wide Bible Study that was very popular. I noticed an old sermon in my Passion City podcast file entitled “The God of Immeasurably More,” and looking for some inspiration to launch my week, I decided to listen.

About halfway through the sermon, Louie talks about his early career in teaching at youth conferences and lock-ins. These were the days when he would preach and stay in the homes of host families, in fact up until this trip, he had never stayed in a real hotel in his life. But the hosts of this youth conference wanted to bless him so they gave him the nicest hotel room in the city. Louie talks about how they went on and on about wonderful the room was. When he checked in he admitted that the room was really nice, it had a king size bed and granite in the bathroom, it was a nice regular hotel room. It didn’t even cross his mind to try to open the door to the adjoining room until that evening when he ordered hamburger from room service.

As it was being delivered, he heard knocking down the hall for a long period of time and he finally decided to open the door to see where it was coming from. As he looked way down the hall, he saw the room service cart complete with his hamburger. The attendant walked down the hall and showed Louie that if he just opened the door to the adjoining room he would access a massive suite with a living room, a dining room and even a second bedroom on the other end of the suite. Sitting on the dining room table was a massive gift basket with snacks and a t-shirt for the youth conference where he was speaking and a wonderful note welcoming him. Somehow when they cut the key for his room at check-in they had given him the key to the bedroom section, but failed to tell him about the main suite that he had access to as well. But not expecting more, until room service arrived, he failed to realize what had been made available to him.

I reflected back to those young men I have watched on the football field this season. They have been talked about, written about and defined by the yards they have run, the passes they have thrown and the touchdowns that they have scored. My hope and prayer for them and for all of us this week is that we realize that what we have done, that who we are to the world, doesn’t define us in God’s eyes. We serve a God who wants immeasurably more for our lives than we can ask or imagine, but it is up to us to push beyond what we see in our current circumstances and how the world defines our lives. It is up to us to ask, imagine and watch for the great opportunities God puts before us when we surrender our vision of who we are to Him.

My prayer is that we not be so content with what we have and whom we are that we fail to realize that our “immeasurably more” God has and wants so much more for our lives.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am so happy you are blogging again. I love reading what you write. Great message in this one. Love you.

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