Our last day in Israel

Our final day in Israel focused on places where Christ spent the last 72 hours of his life. 

We walked through the Rabbinical Tunnels, a system of tunnels that Rabbi’s or other influential people still used to travel in the ancient City.  Here we saw some massive foundation stones that King Herod put in place to support the wall around the ancient city, some of them weighing in excess of 200 tons. 

At the end of these tunnels we saw where the Antonia Fortress would have been located.  It was here that Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus to die.  While walking through these tunnels, we were able to see what remained of the temple walls that existed during the time of Jesus, but also we were able to walk on the same stones that would have been on the streets in 1st Century Jerusalem when Jesus left Pontius Pilate and was led away to be crucified.

Next we moved on to view two different places where scholars/church leaders believe that Jesus might have been crucified and buried.  The first was the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which was acknowledge by the early church (in the 4th century) as the place they believe that He was crucified and buried. 

The second was called the Garden Tomb. This tomb is located near a rock that looks like a skull as well as another traditional crucifixion site of the Romans.  In more recent times, a family tomb, which would have been owned by a wealthy family, was discovered near this site. In this tomb is a cross over one of the burial areas that references Jesus Christ. 

Finally, before we left the Garden Tomb, our whole group celebrated communion together and talked about what this week had meant to each of us. 

We all then drove to the airport where, after goodbyes, the larger tour group headed back home and the Maccubbins spent one more night in Tel Aviv.


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