Summer Vacation 2013

I got a call from my mom last night.  Even though I am in my mid-forties, she never fails to check up on me when I am traveling, even to the point of asking me to call her when I get there.  Since this trip is an international trip, she just asked that I post a blog….so here goes!

The beginning of this year seems like a bit of a blur.  It started out with my husband being contacted by a potential new employer that was interested in interviewing him for a CTO position.  In his line of work, he gets a fair share of these requests and while he was not looking for a new job, he often views such requests as great networking opportunities.  The organization that called was Southwest Airlines and the “networking” that took place early in the year, turned into a job offer and acceptance by late April. He started commuting to Texas in early May and the girls and I followed once school was out in early June. Our house sold quickly in Florida and we were blessed to close on our house the last day we were in Florida.  Our Texas house won’t close until mid-July, so we are homeless and debt free until mid-July.

Last fall, before any of this occurred, we had planned a summer vacation to Rome and Israel.  We realize that we have only a few summers left with our girls who are in their late teens and we really want to expose them to as much of the world as possible.  Last year it was London, Paris and Scotland and this year, when friends of ours who are missionaries to Costa Rica organized a trip to Israel, we decided to take them up on it. One lesson we learned from our travels last summer was that jetlag on the first day is a killer, so we decided to start our trip with a few days in Rome to transition to the time difference and because our oldest is very interested in majoring in Art History.  After finishing her AP Art History class, she is excited about seeing all of the treasures of art that Rome has to offer.  We will spend the first three days of our vacation there and then we will meet up with our tour group in Israel.  If you want to follow our itinerary while we are there, I will try to post it when I have a better internet connection.

I always like to try to blog through our trips for several reasons:  1)I like sharing what I learn and see with others; and 2) I never got to travel across the ocean until I was an adult, so if for any reason, you won’t have the chance to travel this summer, I hope that you can travel along with me via blog, Facebook and Instagram.  My instagram name is @janetmacc, but even more interesting is my husband’s photography.  You can follow him on Instagram @ambassador_pancakes.  He will also post his pictures to Facebook as well, if you are lucky enough to be his Facebook friend. Hopefully, you will enjoy this vacation as much as we do.

Wherever you are, may you have a wonderful summer!

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