Our final day in Scotland

Keeping up with blogging is no easy challenge, especially with the scarcity of available internet on this trip. I’m sure 20 years from now, the availability of free internet will be a non-issue, but today it is still a challenge.

On our last full day in Scotland, we drove from on side of the country to the other, on the coastal route. We left our wonderful accommodations at Culzean Castle and headed for Melrose, home to Melrose and Dryburgh Abbeys. Two large abbeys that today stand in ruin, but are still beautiful examples of the architecture of the 13th-16th centuries. Our path took us through other small towns, ruins of other castles, and some amazingly beautiful countryside. We drove carefully through the valleys so as not to hit any sheep that might be crossing the roads, as they grazed with no fences on the beautiful hills and mountains.

Our evening destination brought us to our stay at the Dryburgh Abbey hotel. While the hotel itself was about a 2 star hotel, the food was amazing and the scenery was equally beautiful. After our five course dinner, we headed to bed in preparation for our early flight to Bordeaux, France.

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