Sleeping in the Eisenhower Apartment

On Saturday, we left Edinburgh and traveled across Scotland to West Kilbride. West Kilbride is known for its artisans and crafters, so we got a chance to see some beautiful art in a variety of mediums. The craft town is based in a restored old church in the center of down. While the outside of the church looks to be hundreds of years old, the inside was renovated and modern and provided shared space for artists to display and sell their work.

After leaving West Kilbride, we journeyed through the countryside of Scotland. At one point, we fought the GPS and took the back roads that allowed us to drive along the coast. While we have gone against the advice of the GPS in other countries and paid dearly for it, this time we saw beautiful countryside and even ran into the ruins of an old castle in Dunscore, which belonged to the Kennedy clan in the 14th-16th centuries. The castle had been abandon since the middle of the 17th century, but the city had created a park around it and if you wanted to, you could climb through the ruins of the castle. Craig and his mom took on the challenge and both came back raving about how wonderful it was. I have a feeling we will be climbing through alot more abandoned castles in this country!

After leaving Dunscore, we traveled on to our destination for the evening — Culzean Castle, also a Kennedy castle. Craig made an amazing online find when he found this castle and the Eisenhower Apartment. This 6 bedroom apartment and living area was given to General Eisenhower in 1946 as a thank you from the people of Scotland. The story goes that in 1945, the Kennedy family gave the castle and its grounds to the National Trust for Scotland. In doing so, they stipulated that the apartment at the top of the castle be given to General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, for use during his lifetime, in recognition of his role as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during the Second World War. The General first visited Culzean Castle in 1946 and stayed there four times, including once while President of the United States.

We have truly enjoyed staying in 2 of the 6 bedrooms of this apartment. The drawing room, although round, has the feeling of the Oval Office when you step into it. And our accommodations definitely have the feeling of being in the White House.

I’m sorry that I have not posted as many pictures on my blog as I usually do. I am working off my iPad and it is more challenging to post the pictures than it is with my computer. If you want to see pictures that correspond with all my posts, please see my Facebook or Instagram pages.

Today is Father’s Day — Happy Father’s Day, Dad! We are heading out to find the historic ruins of the Maccubbin family castle called Knockdolian castle and a corresponding family cemetery that is located in an adjoining town called Colmenoll. All created by Laird (Lord) Fergus Maccubbin in the 1600s. Research says these places exist. I will report back in my next post.

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