Welcome to Scotland

At around noon on Thursday we crossed the border between England and Scotland.  Our train left King’s Cross Station from Platform 9 3/4’s (ok, actually it was Platform 2, but it makes the story better) at about 11 AM on Thursday and we arrived in Edinburgh around 3.  We will spend the next 2 days here on the Royal Mile which leads up to the Castle Edinburgh.  This castle dates as far back as 600 AD and has been home to Scottish Kings and Queens of the Canmore Dynasty, the Balliol and Bruce and the Stewart Dynasty.  King James I was born in the Castle to Mary Queen of Scots and became King a year later. Lots of good old history in this castle.  We even got to see the crowned jewels of Scotland, although as with many of these historical sites, we were not allowed to take pictures of them.  

After arriving last night, it was too late too visit the castle, so we searched for a place to have dinner.  We came across a new resturant that was opening called Michael Neave, Kitchen and Whiskey Bar.  We got to meet Michael, who was 21 years old and had just opened his resturant 3 days earlier.  He was a former executive chef at another highly respected resturant in town and we might have been his only customers that night.  The food was excellent and the deserts were even more excellent!  Micheal recommended the steak as the best item on the menu, but at least two of us had the pork which I thought was even better.  You didn’t even need a knife to eat it.  

Tomorrow we head for the Scottish Countryside where we will spend our first night at Culzean Castle in the Eisenhower Apartment.            

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  1. Cathy & keri

    Sounds fantastic!!! We miss you!!

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