We made it to England!

We arrived in London early Sunday morning after flying all night and despite our strong desire to attend church, due to long lines in customs, we missed services at both Westminister Abbey and Hillsong London (although we are are sure the Abbey would have won because we attend an amazing Hillsong-like church every weekend in Florida).

As for sleep on the flight… it did not happen for most of us (except for Craig). So Sunday was a day to see how long we could fight the jetlag. At about 2 PM, the jetlag won. But before that we checked in to our wonderful hotel; saw Westminster Abbey and Parliament from the outside and walked across the Thames to the Eye of London. This is where we collapsed, returned to our hotel, took a two hour nap and got up to spend the evening in the nightlife of London.

We had dinner at a traditional British pub in the shopping district on High Street. I had forgotten how good Fish and Chips tasted with Malt Vinegar. The streets were bustling when we entered the pub at 6 pm and when we left at 8 pm, the city was empty and we enjoyed a quiet cab ride back to the St. Ermins hotel.

Monday morning started out early (for us). Breakfast at 9 AM followed by a trip to the concierge to book tickets for the evenings. Craig was able to score tickets for Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre in the West End on Monday night and 2 PM tickets to see Hamlet in the Globe Theatre on Tuesday. Wednesday we will visit Oxford, Windsor Castle and Stonehenge.

The rest of our Monday was spent revisiting Westminster Abbey (the inside) and Trafalgar Square and while tea at Kensington Palace was not available, we did manage to score an afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason, in the Jubilee Room. Fortnum and Mason has to compete with Harrod’s for an amazing historic shopping experience.

After tea we returned to the hotel to prepare for our evening in the West End Theatre district. What I loved about the theatre that Craig chose for us was that it was the perfect combination of intimate theatre and highly professional talent. I’ve seen Les Mis several times, but never quite as good as this!

Its late and the end of an amazing evening!! We’ve had little internet access here in London, so I will post this when I can. 🙂 More to come…..


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