Starbucks, maybe more prevalent in London than America

Day 3 started out with us oversleeping. This cannot happen tomorrow as our booked tour departs at 8 AM. While yesterday was raining and cool, today was just cold. I laughed out loud when the girls said, it is June…its suppose to be warm everywhere! I love that our world travels remind us that the world can be vastly different wherever we go. Today was in the 50s and windy and to put this in perspective, this is about as cold as it gets in the winter in Florida.

Our morning started out with a visit to the Tate Modern Museum. What I love about the London Museums are that they have impressive exhibits available for no cost. The Tate Modern does a great job at presenting art in the periods of time in which they happened. Today we looked at artists from both the surrealist and the realist styles of art. One of my favorite things was the Tate Modern timeline that gave us a view of the different styles of art that were in play throughout the world during the 20th century.

We had to have lunch and leave quickly afterwards from the Tate Modern so we could make it to the Globe Theatre in time to watch our afternoon show of Hamlet. The Globe is a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s original Globe Theatre and the company performing Hamlet did an excellent job (Mr. Levine, is it too late to get extra credit in English for seeing a Shakespeare play at the Globe?). As we left the Globe, it was getting colder, so we walked across the Millieum Bridge and got a glimpse of St. Paul’s cathedral, famous for the Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding.

But it was cold, so we decided to take a cab to Harrod’s and shop! At Harrod’s you can shop for anything. And we did…for shoes, clothes, wedding dresses, chocolate and food. It was pretty amazing.

As we finished our trip to Harrods and headed to the Chelsa neighborhood for dinner. And then home to get to bed before we visit Oxford, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle tomorrow.

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  1. Cynde

    Did you get to Oxford? I spent three days there at the end of March with a former student who’s now a Director in a program there — hopped down from Aberdeenshire, where I was spending a couple of weeks visiting friends. It’s such a wonderful town — the mix of total modernity (students strolling blissfully listening to their iPods) and old traditions (like having mass at the Oxford Oratory, which dates from about 600 years ago) is just wonderful!

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