Our upcoming trip to Europe

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of yet another school year. Sydney, approaching her 16th birthday this summer, is driving and finishing up the 10th grade and Summer, 14 years old, has just completed her final year in middle school. Its hard to believe that I am the mother of two high schoolers!

Some of my fondest memories growing up were the trips my parents took us on to visit historical sites. The things I learned and saw on those trips were a great influence on what I chose to study in college and in the career I chose to pursue. So I am really excited about the trip we are taking this summer and especially the chance to share it with my girls at this time in their lives.

On Saturday we leave for a 16-day trip to Europe. Our first stop is in London, where we will struggle with the decision of attending church at Westminster Abbey or Hillsong London. 4 days later we will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland and will spend a week visiting the Scottish Lowlands, including stops at castles and small towns, some of the places where the Maccubbin ancestors made their home in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Our next leg has us traveling by train to Bordeaux, France where we will investigate the vineyards of Medoc region. And finally we will travel to Paris, where we will meet up with Christy and Erik (my sister and brother-in-law) for 4 days of touring the city, including dining on the Eiffel Tower.

We will then return by train to London for our final day and a flight home.

My hope is to post daily updates from the road. I’m sure it will depend on wifi connections and the such, but I so enjoyed blogging from the China Olympics. I love to share all my experiences with my friends. In the meantime have a wonderful last week of school!!


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2 responses to “Our upcoming trip to Europe

  1. Leslie

    I will be reading everyday!! Have a wonderful time and hug mom for me!

    • Janet

      Hi guys! We have been without Internet here in the UK, but hope to have connection after Thursday in Scotland. We are having a wonderful time!

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