Life Lessons Learned while Substitute Teaching Middle School Band

For the last month and a half of this school year, I helped out in the band hall.  Things had gotten a bit crazy in there, so an extra set of eyes and ears were helpful, along with the presence of another adult.  While middle school students may be calm, obedient and very respectful of adults in other areas of the country, in the public schools of Broward County, Florida they can be a bit crazy, especially when many of them are put together in one place.

And in our band classes about 60-70% of the students were middle school boys.

As the boys entered the band hall they were very excited to be together.  They fist pumped each other, they threw things at one another, they chased each other around the room, often running on top of the chairs in their desire to hit or attack one another.  They were doing exactly what their “boy instincts” told them to do with little to no self-control.  Despite our list of band hall rules and daily reminders about them, the boy’s craziness always reeked havoc on the band hall.  At the end of the day, as they looked back on the aftermath of the chaos, they were always apologetic as they ran off to their next class, and I always spent a good amount of time each day cleaning up after their poor choices.

In reflecting back on my last month of teaching, I saw a lot of myself in those middle school boys.  So much of my day is spent satisfying my instincts and desires over and above the plan God has for my life.  How easy it is to let my “flesh” guide my actions when I need to walk by the spirit (Gal. 5:16-18).  I can only imagine how much time God must spend cleaning up after my life… in my relationships with others and in my desire to do selfish things with the resources He has given me.

I’m excited for the summer! It will be good to be back home with my girls again. 🙂

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