God’s Plan and TMI

It’s been a crazy few weeks in our home.  We’ve moved from the apartment we lived in for the last 20 months to a house.  This is the 9th home we’ve lived in our 17-year marriage (our daughters have lived in 8 of those 9 houses with us) and it is a constant reminder that all this stuff we accumulate is really not that important! I think God also keeps us on the move so that we don’t get to comfortable in one place…or that we have to live in a specific situation to be content.  We’ve gone from small to big and big to small and repeated the cycle again.  I think it is God’s constant reminder that our home is not a physical space or an achievement to be had, but a place that He gives us to grow together as a family.

There are also times in all families where a bit of unexpectedness hits you and it causes you to reflect.  Today for me it was another follow-up test from an abnormal mammogram.  I’ve had several of these done throughout the years, and results have always come back negative.  But, because I am a woman, it usually results in me spending a couple of weeks reflecting on “what ifs.”  What has amazed me about this experience, at this phase of my life, is the expectancy it brings.  Rather than dreading or fearing the results, I see it as an opportunity for God to use me to impact the lives of others I might come in contact with during the journey.

It also reminds me of how I take those opportunities for granted in my everyday life.  I know that every person I encounter is a God-given opportunity to impact a life.  How I use that opportunity is up to me.  I can step out of my comfort zone and seek to share what God lays on my heart for them, or I can stay in my comfort zone and miss out on the chance for both of us to grow to know Him in a deeper way.

I’m not sure the steps that God has ahead of me in the days that follow, but I definitely have a new perspective on how He wants to use me to glorify and grow His Kingdom on this earth.

I love a few quotes that @bobgoff posted to his Twitter this week:

“Every time I let fear call the shots about my day I deny that I know Jesus. Fear not.”

“…but Peter followed Him from a distance. Too often, me too”

But Sunday’s coming….and for me, next week,… so is the Orange Conference.  One of my favorite weeks of the year!! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my life this year!


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2 responses to “God’s Plan and TMI

  1. Isabel Sem

    Always love your blogs. Hard to believe you have moved so often, but God wants to share His love through you with everyone. Look forward to seeing you in May.


    • JMac

      Thank you, sweet lady! I love you too! Hope the leg is feeling well and that you are not overdoing things this campaign season. Get some good rest!

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