POTSC: Stop Throwing People Away

An excerpt from a really great blog is below.  I posted it here as a constant reminder to myself that everyone in my life is human.  We are not perfect and we all need grace….

We have a tendency to throw people away because they do or say or write one thing we don’t like.

One thing. A moment. A blog post. A book. A sermon. A prison stint. A bad habit. Or even something they didn’t do but we think they should have in a Monday morning quarterback kind of way.

Gone. That person is trash. I’m going to trash that person. For life. And hate them. For ever. I’m on Team Hate That Person for the rest of eternity.

You can read the rest of the blog at: http://www.potsc.com/identity/stop-throwing-people-away/

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One response to “POTSC: Stop Throwing People Away

  1. Isabel Sem

    So thankful God does not trash me because of one thing I did or did not do.
    Great reminder JMac that everyone is human just like you and me. Loving our neighbor is so important.

    Love you.

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