My Christmas List!

I’ve had a few requests for this, so I thought I’d just post it out here online for easy access.  Feel free to add humorous comments if you’d like.  You can even add them anonymously (or make up a user name, I’m not picky).

Here we go….

1.     A Droid Incredible Phone by HTC – I’m eligible for an upgrade on my phone plan (Verizon), but even with the upgrade, this one is still $150.  But what is cool about this phone is that it has an 8 megapixel camera that would come in super handy for my Project 365 and 3G capability, so I can sit on the beach all day and still stay in touch with my social networks.

2.     A pair of TOMS shoes – From the “Classics” collection (nothing shiny or glittery).  I wear a size 8 in womens.

3.     A gift card to Kohls – we have one across the street from our house and they always have such great deals on good stuff.

4.     A donation to my favorite charity – the Brook Ministries. You can go to their website and click on the “Donate Online” button on the right side of the screen.

5.     A Skirt Purse from Thirty One gifts – (Pg. 13 of the Fall Catalog) These are so cute.  You can buy the purse and if you want you can buy an interchangeable “skirt” to go with it  You can even embroider my name on the skirt “Janet” so when I lose my purse, people will know who it belongs to. 🙂

6.     Gift cards to cool restaurants – one of my favorite things to do is go out to eat, but dining out is not always in the budget, so going for a reduced price or free would be special.  I’m a huge seafood fan, but also love places like Olive Garden or Outback.

Just some ideas.  If I think of others, I’ll post them here too.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas.

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