Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve finally decided to turn on the technology today only to be greeted by hosts of Happy Thanksgiving from friends and family. So many things to be thankful for!

One of the blessings I’ve been really thankful for this year is the ability to travel more and this holiday travel brought us to Texas. My parents have a large spread of land in South Texas.  At dinner this afternoon, our youngest who had already created place setting nameplates for us, presented us with a craft that she had been working on (she gets very art inspired when we come to South Texas).  They were little crafted ears of corn with a piece paper stuffed inside on which we were supposed to write the things which we were thankful.  We then traded our little corn and tried to guess who wrote what.  It resulted in unrelenting laughter as we ended up making fun of what we each wrote (and things we didn’t write, but should have) as opposed to making it the reflective exercise that I’m sure was originally intended.

This morning we dug a fire pit in my parents backyard.  The temperatures are dropping here tonight from the 70s to the 30s.  Hopefully tomorrow night the wind will die down enough so that we can have fire in the new pit in the backyard.

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