Monday Morning Learnings — Longing for God

From, a ministry of Church by the Saviour in Washington DC

Longing for God

by Suzanne Guthrie

Wherever we look we find the language of longing at the heart of the quest for God. Are we made for love? This perpetual longing, the unquenchable thirst for intimacy, the gargantuan appetite for love, seems to me the most natural state of being.

Fortunate are the ones who realize early enough that another human being can’t possibly respond to this unrequitable need for love. Even more fortunate are men and women of prayer who realize that peace comes by embracing the longing itself. Addictions and loneliness can mask this deeper longing for God. Our material culture exploits these natural longings. Screaming advertisements dupe us into believing that a product, a gadget or some glittering things will satisfy our unformulated, nonspecific desires. It all comes at us so fast! We can’t allow ourselves to reflect, to feel foolish about it before we buy more stuff like an addict no longer in touch with his conscience….

The prayer that Jesus taught acknowledges the longing embedded within us. Thy kingdom come! We beg the kingdom come to satisfy our kingdom-sized desire. We beg for union of heaven and earth, for bread, for healing of our sins and for relief from suffering and evil. Jesus acknowledges our needs, our inborn desires–the sense of unrequited love, the knowing that our love can’t be fulfilled temporally. To sit with the Lord’s Prayer is to sit with longing.

Source: The Christian Century (11.02.2010)

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