The One Thing…

Perry Noble’s Blog today is one of those I want to save so that I don’t forget to read it over and over again….

What’s The “One Thing” That Is Holding You Back? November 18, 2010

The story of the Rich Young Ruler has always seized my attention.  (You can read it in Mark 10:17-22)  Jesus told him in verse Mark 10:21 that there was basically ONE THING that was holding him back from being His follower.  (And the guy was unwilling to give up that one thing!)

I’ve been in ministry for about 20 years now…and through my personal experiences and with what I’ve seen in others I’ve basically identified four “one things” that commonly hold people back.  (You can read the rest at the link below:)

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  1. Janet,
    As I reflected and prayed after the painful loss of my primary for the U.S. House in 2008, I came to two personal revelations.
    The “one thing” that held me back in the past was “fear of failure.” Since I felt God’s voice so strongly in this call to run for Congress, I threw “fear of failure to the wind” and began the race to election. I can remember crying out to God on my way home from the poles on election night, “My God, if I do win I have no idea how to even begin – if it is Your will, please let this cup pass from me.” Almost every other race or job I sought before 2008 always ended in a “win” in the world’s eyes. I realize now that my mode of operation was not to put God’s will first but instead to pursue an endeavor only if I felt pretty sure I could be successful.
    The other “one thing” that often robs me of the joy God intends for me, is “anticipating the results.” How often did God call people through the ages and have the results be different than what was anticipated? God calls me to take that “first step” but does not always assure me of the results. The results are His – He knows how He will use my steps to His good. Smetimes in life, after the fact, I am blessed to see how He used my small steps to His purpose – sometimes not. I entered the race believing His intent was having me elected to Congress. So I took the steps. I am blessed beyond belief to be able to rest in assurance He called me to run and His intended result was something other than winning the race!

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