My New Project

One of the things I’ve done lately is to look back on my past blogs. It is a constant reminder of how much God has taught me here in Florida. But I also realize its been a while since I did a “me” update. So here goes…

The summer ended with my first half marathon in Virginia Beach on Labor Day. My family loves to travel, so one of my goals was to travel to all the places we could easily access and walk in half marathons. For those of you who know me, I’m not an avid runner and watching both of my parents go through their knee replacements really kills my desire to be hard on my knees in my 40s, but I do enjoy walking. And now that I live in tropical paradise where it is 70 degrees plus for 9 months of the year, spending time outdoors on the walking trails is a wonderful and inexpensive exercise.

But after my Labor Day half marathon, I fell off the exercise bandwagon. I had planned to take one week off after the half marathon (in which I placed 13,229th), but a week became two and two weeks has now become two months. I did jump in and complete a 5K with the girls and one of their friends to raise funds for the Christian club at their school, but other than that, my only exercise has been my once a week yoga class in which I am the most flexible old person (according to my instructor).

I’m hoping next week will change. I need to up my walking game again.

As you can tell from my blog I’ve also started a new project. Project 365 is an idea that someone (not me) came up with to take a picture of something in their life everyday for a year. Some do it as a self-portrait, but no one (especially me) wants to look at him or herself every day of the year and watch the wrinkles grow. So my goal is to take a snapshot of something around me. I can’t promise it won’t be about me (like me driving with my knee, which I do so often that I have an indent in my thigh muscle where the steering wheel fits), but my goal will be to give you a glimpse of the world I see and the things I appreciate, through the lens of my camera on my phone. I can’t wait to see the slideshow at the end of the year. My hope is that I will remember the reason I took every photo and, like my blog, it will give me a better appreciation for all the work God is doing in my life.

My husband wants me to put captions on the pictures so others will know what they are. I prefer to just let everyone guess, although you are free to comment and create your own captions if you wish.


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5 responses to “My New Project

  1. Denise

    Hi Janet,
    Sounds like you have a fabulous project ahead and I do look forward to seeing your pictures. Sounds like your enjoying life here in Florida. I do have to say I believe it’s been one of the best moves of my life. I’ve enjoyed the area, people and especially the climate, so different from Texas. I do have to sasy I do miss Texas once in a while especially my friends back there. I lived there for 10 years, but made so many friends while living there.

    You inspire me to get on the ball and also do a project, I’m just not sure what I would do. Right now I have so many things going that one more would maybe put me over the edge.

    Take care.

  2. Scott Macc

    Hey sis-n-law! Funny that you are starting a 360 Project. I have been thinking about doing one as well…finding the time is the kicker.

    After looking at your images, I agree with Craig…they need captions. It can be just a few words, or a few sentences describing not only the image, but what you were thinking or feeling the moment you took the picture.

    Just my two cents!


    • JMac

      Thanks, Scott! But your photos will be so much better than mine. You and your brother just have that gift for photography.

      Meanwhile…I’m feeling the pressure. I’ll THINK about the captions. Love you too! Janet

  3. Isabel P Sem

    When do we get to see the first picture? I can not wait, I know this is going to be great for us, but it will be even more amazing for you to look back on a year.
    Most of us do not realize all the blessings God pours out upon us each day.
    For years I used a devotional book that had a place for me to write my thank you’s for the day. Often I would read back over them and was in awe the many blessings and opportunities God had given me. Also the wonderful people He continues to place in my life.
    Yesterday my picture would have been of me working the election. Today it would have been having lunch with Stephen and his sharing stories of subjects discussed at the breakfast men’s group he attends each Wednesday.
    JMac let the pictures begin.
    Love you.

    • JMac

      I would LOVE to see your 365 Project! Maybe you could post a picture a day on your Facebook page for us. If you look on the sidebar of my blog you can find mine. Love you, too!

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