One year later…

I can’t believe it has been a year since we left Texas….and what a year it has been.

The whole purpose of our relocation to Florida was a job change, but if history is any predictor of the future for us, then God has a much bigger plan for us than just a job change.  And this year, we got a small glimpse into just that.

If I have to look back at this time last year, we lived a very different life.  I was working about 50 hours a week (and had been doing so for about 15 years).  The girls were finishing elementary and early middle school in one of the best school districts in the state (and with 600 kids in a middle school they knew almost everyone in their grade).  Our girls who were 4 and 2 when we moved from DC, have very few memories other than Texas (and Collin County at that!)

Today we live in Broward County, FL where about 93% of the population does not attend a christian church.  The girls middle school has 1800 students and next year Sydney’s high school will have 3200 students (Frisco ISD high schools max out at about 1800 students).  And while the girls are getting a quick and hard dose of the real world, God has also given each of us some really rich Christian friendships in the middle of a place where Christian values are not necessarily the accepted way of life.

We still have two houses in Texas.  We have tried to sell those, but the real estate market has not been in our favor.  For now, until our houses in Texas sell, we are in a nice apartment with beautiful walking trails that run throughout the city.  I truly enjoy walking through the parks and trails listening to my podcasts at least 4 days a week.

My husband loves his new job.  It is a lot of rewarding work for him and it is good for him to be back in an office environment after working from home or traveling full time for the last 6 years.  Relaxation for him involves photography and playing keyboards at church (as always, but our church here has 7 services and he still loves it!)

And I am enjoying the big shift in my life — being a stay at home mom for the first time in my life.  I love the time to reflect and think and spend time refocusing on priorities.  I enjoy being with my girls and working with the kids at church (both preschoolers and youth).

Do we miss Texas?  I think it is best to say that what we miss most about Texas will always be our friends.  This week another family, whom we admire greatly, left Collin County and moved to Costa Rica to continue the work of the Brook Ministries.  After selling everything they owned and moving from Texas to Costa Rica on a plane with 15 bags, Steve Lucas has this to say about the friendships he was leaving behind….

That’s what really matters in this life–relationships. It’s about the people who cross our paths and become part of our lives. It’s about shared hurt and shared joy. A good steak, a bad burger–doesn’t matter. Friendship is a gift from God to give us a glimpse of what it is to be loved by Him.

Unlike other things, with friends, you can’t pack them or give them away. So somehow you hide them in your heart. You file away those precious memories so you can pull them out when you feel alone. And so we don’t feel like the new kid at school sitting alone at lunch, we strive to stay connected any way we can.

And a year later, it is still the truth.  While God has taken us many places in life… Texas, DC, Texas, Florida (and who knows where next), at every stage of our life there were and are people who shape and lead and influence us and will forever remain in our hearts.


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3 responses to “One year later…

  1. Isabel P Sem

    Janet, you have been on my mind so much this week. Do not be surprised if you receive a phone call from me. Sometimes I just need to hear your voice.

    I am thrilled you are getting to be a stay home Mom mainly to enjoy your beautiful girls more, but also to have time to do some things just for Janet.

    You touched more lives in Frisco than you will ever know and continue to do so in Florida. One thing for sure your family will always be part of my family.

    Love you beautiful lady and may God continue to bless you.

  2. Geoffrey Davis

    Know this, TX missess you guys a bunch. Great write up- and let me know if you want me to list your homes in my weekly newsletter for some more press!

    • JMac

      Thanks, Geoffrey! I really miss the Rotary breakfasts too. That Randy guy is such a great cook! Right now both our homes are currently leased, so we are in a holding pattern, but thank you so much for the offer. I remember when you showcased our Pecan St house when it was for sale. We so much appreciated that!

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