Family News

I have a family that I love to brag about because they are so awesome.  You’ve seen my husband’s pictures on the Flickr feed.  Our friends Scott and Shellie have been wonderful to include his work in several editions of the Spectator Magazine.

The June issue was the Father’s Day Issue in which he took the cover photo and wrote the story on “My Dad.”  The cover photo is of another wonderful family, our pastor, David Hughes and his family (minus Lisa his wife who was working hard in the background to make sure the littlest Hughes was smiling big).

June Spectator 2010

The July issue celebrates the 4th of July and Shellie and Scott were wonderful to include our oldest daughter on the cover.  She has an interest in modeling and comes fully equipped with her own photographer dad.  If anyone knows of any good modeling agencies with good values, please send them along via e-mail or comments.  One of the challenges we face as parents is allowing our children to explore their gifts, talents and passions while making sure that their lives and activities support and grow their faith in Christ.

July Spectator 2010

On the extended family news, my sister who lives in China and has been working to adopt a little girl for over 6 years has finally had her dream come true.  On July 5th she traveled to the orphanage in China to pick up her new daughter who is 19 months old and weighs about 19 lbs.  My girls are so excited to have a new cousin.

Our last two weeks have been spent in South Texas helping my mom recover from her first knee replacement surgery.  We’ve had a lot of rain and little access to Internet and TV in the world of rural South Texas.  This has not necessarily been a bad thing.  🙂

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  1. Isabel P Sem

    Janet, I love the picture of your new niece. She is beautiful. Your sister looks a lot like you in this picture. You are having a busy time as always.
    Miss seeing you.
    Love and thanks for sharing.

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