Orange Day 2: Transformational Leadership

Its Friday, our day to head home.  Our schedule here has been such that we are at the conference at 8 AM and home around 10 PM.  So I’m a bit behind on my blogs.  Maybe I’ll catch up on my airplane ride home tonight.

One of yesterday’s sessions was on transformational leadership by Dan Webster (  Dan used Matthew 23 as a model of Jesus’ teaching on leadership.

Transformational Leaders are:

  • TEACHABLE not Arrogant (vs. 2-3).  In order to be more teachable, we need to apply the discipline of LISTENING.

Teachable people are humble.  This creates space both in and around them.  This lets them hear God and allow others to flourish. Their honesty creates safe space.

  • KNOWN FOR INTEGRITY not talking (v. 3-4).  In order to have integrity, apply the discipline of DOING.

Integrity focused people are all about pursuing personal wholeness.

  • ABOUT ANONYMITY not notoriety (v. 5-7).  In order to be more anonymous, apply the discipline of RECOGNITION.

Recognize and promote others around you rather than yourself. Who should I be recognizing?

  • ABOUT CHRIST-DEPENDENCE, not co-dependent (v. 8-10).  In order to create Christ-dependence, apply the discipline of confession.

Matthew 23:10 – And do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader and that is, Christ.

Do not place too much confidence in human leadership.  Trust in the Lord’s leadership. Do not communicate an over confidence in yourself.

  • ABOUT LIVING LAST not first. (v. 11-12).  In order to live last apply the discipline of serving.

    But the greatest among you shall be your servant… Matthew 23:11

    I know I’m becoming a Transformational Leader when….

    • I’m teachable, I am open to learn
    • Integrity matters, I am pursuing wholeness
    • I choose anonymity, I push others forward
    • I am Christ-centered, I point others to Jesus
    • I am living last, I serve others and make them better

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