Orange Day 1: Organizing My Life

Orange is amazing as always!  There are about 4,000 of us from all over the world.  The focus of my workshops yesterday was how do I make sure I take care of myself while I am serving others.  I recommend checking out Jim Wideman’s website (  The focus of his workshop yesterday was how to we learn to be organized in a way that helps up implement the priorities in our lives.

Jim had the following words of wisdom for us:

  1. You need to have a vision – where do you want to end up?
  2. Live by priorities – Get alone with God and ask him to show you His priorities for your life.  My relationship with Jesus, my family, my ministry, etc.
  3. Have a desire to change – change is a part of life
  4. Have the right tools – Your calendar, watch, cellphone and computer/internet can all be tools to help you master your life.
  5. Develop routines – work on life and develop routines to help you do things more effectively.  Have day each week to focus on specific events/activities.  Consider your time valuable.

Four elements in Time Management

  • Planning – write down how you WANT to spend your time.
  • Preparation – Set priorities, assign due dates, think of every activity in steps – don’t just put the due date on your calendar for big events.  Break it into smaller deadlines and put those dates on your calendar as mini-due dates.
  • Evaluation – Write down what you do every day and analyze it based on your priorities.  If Jesus is your #1 priority, does your time reflect it?  If not, go back and make changes to your schedule
  • Delegate – What can others do for you?  “The bigger your ministry the more time you spend in leadership development.” Ed Young

Have someone to hold you accountable!  Jim’s Top Ten things:

  1. Account for your time
  2. Plan time offensively – don’t book yourself too tight
  3. Keep the steps (priorities) in order
  4. Delegate to the faithful
  5. Plan for interruptions
  6. Respond rather than react to a crisis
  7. Don’t procrastinate
  8. Get some help – Use your network to learn how others are doing things effectively.  Don’t be afraid to use others ideas if they work.  Iron sharpens iron.
  9. Have a plan for growth – people follow people with a plan
  10. PRAY!  — How can I be the leader that God wants me to be?

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