Ruth: Love, Loss and Legacy — by Kelly Minter

I just finished this Bible Study and it was an awesome one!  There were a few quotes that I had saved on my computer to blog about, but I never got to them.  But I didn’t want to lose these thoughts, so I share them below as thoughts for your morning.

Obedience to God is often wrought with a slew of obstacles that persuade us to change our minds.  I used to think that my choice to obey in any given situation was a one-time decision, but now I realize that obedience might mean having to make that same choice several times a week, a month or a year.   – Kelly Minter, Ruth, p. 24

I don’t think that Ruth’s or Joseph’s determined obedience had much to do with will power at all, and to think so only encourages us to live by our own strength and self-righteousness.

(In these stories] we simply cannot miss the fact that …obedience stems from their commitment to God.  This is an enormous truth that will sustain us through times of temptation and trial that urge us to forsake the path that we are on.  We won’t be able to last if our motivation is based on anything but our relationship with God.  …only a love for Christ will sustain a long term commitment to obedience.  Kelly Minter, Ruth, p.25

For more information on this Bible Study as well as Kelly’s other works, please visit her website.  (

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