Dealing with Grief in the New Year

One of the things that I have been blessed by in Florida is a few close friends that God has given me through my Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study.  The blessing is a little bit of a surprise to me in several ways.  Over my life, my friends have tended to come from work or school, but now that I am no longer working or going to school, I expected friendships would take longer to develop.

Second, when I do make friends, they tend to be casual/social friends that I enjoy being with, but I never really let get too close to me.  I can probably count on two hands the number of friends in my life that I have let get really close to my heart, friends with whom I could share anything.  They were rich friendships with human beings who God put in my life, but they have also been the relationships with the greatest heartbreak.  When you open your life up to someone, it is a lot harder when a confidence is broken or when a close friend, often by relocation or death, just disappears.  Subconsciously, I think that the loss of close friendships has made it much more difficult for me to open my heart to new ones.

But here I am in Florida and I feel God is pushing me in that direction – to trust Him and not be afraid to open up and share my life with my new found friends.  I also think that God is trying to teach me to depend on Him above all else for the close emotional intimacy that I need in my life.

One of my new close friends whom God has blessed me with is Shellie.  I can’t even begin to describe the richness that Shellie and several others here in Florida have brought to my life.  Shellie owns one of the local magazines here in Parkland that focuses on community and family life and she asked me to write an article for the January edition.  The article focuses on dealing with grief in the New Year and you can find it on page 5 (Its All About Community) of the following link.  I thought I would share it here as well.

Spectator Magazine — January 2010

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