Christmas Eve…

It’s Christmas Eve.  The Maccubbin’s are in Virginia with our extended family.  Tonight we will have 9 children and 7 adults (and 2 dogs) all-camping out in a 2000 square foot house so that we can be together on Christmas morning.  I think we should start taking bets on what time the kids will wake up on Christmas morning!

I wonder if this is what Bethlehem was like on Christmas Eve.  The no-room-in-the-inn story is taking on a whole new meaning here tonight.  At least none of us have to deliver a baby tonight!

And while its cold here, we got to experience the warmth of a traditional candlelight service and enjoy dinner with a portion of the extended family that we will be spending the next week or so with.  This year this family is especially thankful for what we have.

Christmas, maybe more than any other holiday, makes us aware of the passing of time.  Those we have lost during the year are more notably missed as we step through the yearly traditions without them.

But Christmas is also a reminder of the gift that God gave us.  A gift that will never leave us or let us down, as those we love on earth inevitably do.  Every Christmas, as long as we are here on earth, we can celebrate Jesus Christ, who cared enough about having a personal relationship with each of us that he came to earth to live just as we do, so that for the rest of our lives we can have an intimate relationship with Him.

Merry Christmas!

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