More on Intimacy

One of my favorite writers is Kayla McClurg. She is the facilitator of Inward/Outward at Church of the Savior in Washington DC. They have been doing a 3 week series on intimacy and this is the last installment.


Here’s the bottom line: we rightly long for intimate connection—it is God’s great desire for us, all of us, that we be reconciled one to another, not just in theory but in practice—and yet we fail again and again. Intimacy brings more questions than answers. When we open our hearts to one another, we become susceptible to all kinds of “human conditions”—taking advantage of another’s trust, being misunderstood and rejected, pouring out too much too soon, falling in love/lust/infatuation, turning our sense of self over to others, worrying about what the beloved other/the beloved community thinks of us, wanting to have warm feelings of intimacy continually, tiring of the long-haul work of authentic relationships, forgetting that failure and disappointment are a natural part of the process.

Just to name a few…… (click to read more)

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