Olympic Journal — Days 6-9

One of my goals for this vacation was to share it with everyone back home by sending updates. I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded at this, but I definitely am failing on the homestretch!

The first thing I need to let you all know is that we made it out of Hong Kong before the Typhoon hit. Our last two days there were as beautiful as the first one, which I wrote about in my Day 5 journal.

Our final equestrian tickets gave us a chance to see the medal round of the Dressage Event. Dressage is a term for dancing horses and we really got to see some good ones! The gold medallist from the Netherlands also won gold in the same event in the last two Olympics, her third gold medal set an Olympic record!

Day 7 was the first day of our vacation that we did not have any Olympic tickets, so we decided to take a harbor tour of Hong Kong. This involved a 3-hour boat ride around Hong Kong Island with a view of the world’s largest suspension bridge and the world’s third most high traffic port! This made my husband, the photographer, very happy! And as with all the shots, he is still working through them. We also ended up on the same boat with the Canadian Equestrian Team! If you remember this team was in a jump off with the US for the Gold medal and the US won. So needless to say, I did not haul out my USA jacket, but my husband really enjoyed talking with them.

In the evening of Day 7 we headed out to try to find the Hong Kong Olympic Superstore and we ended up in “Times Square” of Hong Kong Island. It was most amazing to see a 7 floor high end shopping mall with stores like Cartier and Dior next to mom and pop stands selling fruit and tourist items. There seemed to be millions of people everywhere that we went!

Day 8 was our day to fly back to Beijing from Hong Kong. We had a 4 PM flight, but when it is an international flight and when you are not a citizen of either country involved in the flight AND when this includes a family with children…you better allot at least half a day of travel to the airport and prep time. So we left for the airport around 1 PM. But our stay at he Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong was a pretty amazing experience! I loved writing from the 53rd floor overlooking Hong Kong Harbor and I truly enjoyed breakfast buffet and sitting and reading the Olympic section of the South China Times!

Day 9 found us back in Beijing and with three Olympic events:
11 AM — Gold Medal round of Men’s Beach Volleyball! It was a long hard fight, but the USA won! The Maccubbins’ have been very blessed at the number of events where they have had medal ceremony ticket and where the US has won the Gold. (Maybe we are a good luck charm!)
3 PM – Synchronized Swimming — I wish we had seen more of this event, but they cracked down pretty hard on security and it took us a whole lot longer than we expected to get through security. The USA was awesome, and tied for 5th in the Team Technical Program
6 PM – Gold Medal Match of Field Hockey – China vs. the Netherlands (after watching several events, I’ve decided that if I ever get kicked out of the US, the Netherlands is the country where I’d like to next be a citizen. And if dual citizenship is an option, I’m ready!) I don’t know much about the political leanings of the Netherlands, but I really like the spirit of their people!

On Day 10 we head for the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. A bit of history before we leave Asia. We have all been very blessed to see this side of the world in both its past and its future glory! I can’t begin to put into words what an awesome vacation this has been for all of us!

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  1. Isabel P Sem

    May God grant you a safe trip home. I look forward to seeing the girls design clothes and Craig’s pictures.


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