Day 3 — Beijing Olympic Journal

Day 3 and 4 were a bit slower for us.  We only had tickets to one event each day.  On Saturday, we saw Trampoline Gymnastics; an event I never even knew existed before.  We headed to the subway around our usual 9 AM hour (our event started at 11 AM).  The subway ride is about 30 minutes, but by the time you clear security and transfer stations to catch the Olympic Metro line with the masses, the arrival time was about 30 minutes prior to the start of our event. 

Trampoline gymnastics is interesting, but it did not hold the level of fascination that some of the other events did.  Most countries, including the US, were represented by two athletes; one woman and one man.  China was the only country to have two of each in this event and was the main medal winner in this sport. 

As we left the trampoline gymnastic competition, we headed on the mile long walk to McDonalds.   While it is tough to get the Maccubbin girls to walk a mile for anything, when your only other dining choice for lunch is bread and water, they will walk a mile to McDonalds with a loaded backpack.  We have come to the conclusion that McDonalds, as part of their sponsorship agreement with the IOC, negotiated that all other food vendors could only serve bread and water (or similar food products). 

Next to the 25,000 square foot standalone McDonalds is the Olympic SuperStore.  About twice the size of the McDonalds building, the exterior of this building looks like a ride at Disney.  The line waiting to get in snakes around the maze of ropes that have been placed outside to contain the crowds and while the littlest Maccubbin is desperate to go shopping for more “Fu ahs” (little creatures that have to be modeled after the Teletubbies, which are the official mascots of the Olympic Games).  We tell her there is no way we are waiting in line for 2 hours to shop at the SuperStore.  We will find them elsewhere. 

Secretly, I’m hoping for a clearance sale at the end of the Games where everything…including “Fu ahs” are 50% off or more.   But this is probably not going to happen. 

We left the Olympic Green and arrived home at about 3 PM, most of us relished the idea of a quick nap before we headed off to see the Flying Acrobat Show.  Cathy had almost front row seats at a Chinese Theatre for the event.  It is always fascinating to see the risks that these folks will take to impress the audience.  Several times I leaned over to Summer to reminder her that we need “to work on that stunt” with the cheer team when we get home.  However, most of the pyramids involved more than the 9 girls that she has on her cheer team!

For dinner on Day 3 we headed home and cooked some good old Texas chili in Cathy’s kitchen.  As we were cooking dinner, we sent Craig downstairs to the Spa for a foot and back massage.  For about $20 he got a great 45 minutes massage.  After dinner, I spent time writing, but was pretty exhausted and headed to bed. 

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  1. Hey Janet,

    We’re in Alaska having a great time by day and glued to the Olympics every night. What an awesome experience for your family to share.

    Take care. Janet McBride

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