I believe every house in the world should have a front porch…

Thus the name of my very first blog: Front Porch Living.

If I could live on my front porch I would.  When I am outside I feel connected with everything around me: nature, the beauty of the sky, and the neighbors cats (who have free run of our large yard and keep the snakes and other critters away).  

Most of all, on my front porch I get a chance to connect with those who live around me. 

I live in a pretty diverse neighborhood and we are all very different in many ways.  As our lives take us through many different experiences and challenges, we learn and grow by listening to each other.

I also live in a fast growing suburb and front porches are few and far between.  I guess in the great thinking of urban planners, it is better to have rear alley entries where you can come and go in life without having to go out front at all…except maybe to get the mail.  

What I love about my front porch is that I get front row view of life that is happening around me.  In doing so, I realize the world is not just about me.  My problems and stresses don’t seem quite so big when I really take time to get to know those around me.  Most of all my problems and stresses seem to grow smaller when I take time to get involved in the lives of others and actively work to make things a bit better for everyone.  Sometimes, that means just taking time to really listen to others.

My goal for this blog is to help me remember that in the craziness of my day to day life, when my challenges may seem overwhelming to me; I need to take time to step out on my front porch.

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